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About us

We are the UK’s leading autism research charity. Our vision is a long, healthy, happy life for autistic people and their families.

We harness the potential of cutting edge science to improve the lives of everyone affected by autism by

  • funding and promoting groundbreaking medical research
  • improving understanding of autism
  • advancing new therapies and interventions

Our vision is:

That every autistic person has a long, happy, healthy life.

Our mission is to:

  • Improve outcomes for autistic people of all ages through world-class research
  • Grow autism research in the UK through innovative collaborations with other funders, campaigning for increased state investment and developing capacity and infrastructure within the research community
  • To be the bridge between researchers, policy makers and people living with autism, ensuring that services are evidence-based and research responds to the autism community’s needs and desires

Our values


Our community is involved at all levels 

Our research priorities are largely derived from the top ten questions for research as identified by autistic people and their allies. We are already leaders in involvement but our new involvement strategy takes this to new heights. It ensures autistic people are involved during the full research cycle through dialogue between researchers, autistic people and families. This means research will have greater, faster impact for the people we serve


We are confident in our vision and in autism research’s capacity to change lives

We don’t accept the life chances that autistic people currently face. When that meant facing up to the early deaths of autistic people, we campaigned worldwide to make this a research priority. Now we will fund vital studies to address this appalling inequality. We have clear ideas based on cutting-edge evidence and we fund innovative ideas and kick-start research in new areas. We make the right decisions, not the easy ones.


We collaborate with others 

Progress is best made together. We work in partnership and want everyone to win. Autistica is working with international funders to develop autism research, including initiatives to understand global trends in funding for autism research. We proudly work with national and international research funders, and charities for autism, neurodevelopmental disability and mental health.

How we work

We want to ensure that every pound we spend and every activity we carry out has maximum impact. This diagram shows our pathway towards achieving our vision of longer, healthier, happier lives.

Our impact model

Adopted from the impact model of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

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